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Promusity is a music promotional service for Record Labels and Indie Musicians that works like a social network.
Share your music to preselected list of trusted contacts and let them share your tunes to their audience.

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How Promusity works?

Promusity - is a professional social network where record labels and artists can promote their tracks and new releases among professional audience. You can create private community and deliver your new tracks before official release and collect feedback from radio stations, DJs and other representatives professionals of industry. Here you can find partners and customers for your professional arts!

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Features for creators

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Easy like a social network

Powerful subscription engine: follow, unfollow, invite or block everyone you want, who is already registered on Promusity. If someone is not registered yet for whatever bizarre reason, you can send them an attractive invitation letter to join your label's promo pool.

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No need to compose emails yourself

We neatly craft every email that we send to your followers with the beautiful and clean graphics and unobtrusive content. You don't have to worry being mistakenly blocked by spam filters.

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Not a single angry follower

Keep in touch with your contacts within the app and through email. Promusity allows them to choose the frequency of incoming emails, that reduces the number of release notifications to a desired digest email once a day or week.

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Use unlimited traffic and storage the way you like

Promusity users can access their music promos in two ways: web dashboard or well-known emails. Whenever you send a promo, it will get delivered anyway no matter what.

Features for listeners

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Listen on the Go

Use our mobile-friendly playback to listen though the whole track or jump through in 10 seconds. All new music of your favorite labels right after upload ready to make your party happier.

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Share your valuable opinion

Share your feedback with creators and labels to make music industry better. Participate in creation future music trends based on your professional experience.

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Be in newest trends of music

Request access to labels which was not familiar to you before. Try some new melodies and flavors to be in trend and blow up your next party.

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Download lossless file formats *

We take care about best sound quality on your parties to deliver happiness and good vibes to your audience.

* - this feature coming soon